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Sometimes it takes a Village

Have you ever heard the adage “it takes a village to raise a child”? Ever thought about what that means? To me it means teamwork. Being there to assist, teach, guide, etc. Relying on each other’s strengths at times. No one can or, should, be an island onto themselves. People, like dogs, are meant to work together. 

I hate to ask for help. Hate it! I’m the person that will tackle a project and allow it to take twice as long just so I can have the satisfaction of knowing “I” did it. Part of that comes from some experiences I had early on in my adult life where asking for help led to the person(s) having control over the situation and reminding me constantly they “helped”. To me those experiences led to a strong belief, “Asking for help gives the person power over you. The power to either say No or to remind you that you were incapable”. Its led me to being determined to be self-sufficient, to be the independent, sometimes stubborn, woman I am today. To try and never ask for help in anything. 

It’s not easy to be independent and if not managed can be your downfall. There’s been times I could really have used some help, but my pride kept me from asking and it keeps people from offering too. I think there’s a fine line to navigate. I know of some people that will constantly ask for help on their property when I’m thinking I did that task and 3 other things this morning. I must pause to reflect tho. Are they wrong for asking or am I for not asking? Or maybe even, neither of us are wrong?

Asking for help isn’t necessarily a weakness. We can’t each be that island all the time.  Like our 4 legged companions, sometimes the strength lies in the pack or the herd and also “the village”. We each need to have a few solid reliable people in our corner that we know will pitch in when we're in a pinch. How does a person get those? By being the person we need for others. Like attracts like. What you do, how you act, will be reflected back onto you tenfold. So if you are that blessing for others, you in turn will attract blessings. 

So until next time, work hard, strive to be the person you need and be a blessing unto each other.