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Why choose a Heritage Breed?

You are saving a living, breathing piece of history!

The animals we now know as Heritage breeds were once a part of nearly every farm and homestead in America. They fed, clothed and helped the families who kept them every day. As the number of small family farms decreased, so did many of these breeds, replaced with hybrids who grew faster, heavier, provided more milk or fiber to meet the needs of a populace who quickly lost connection with their food supply. While these hybrids better fit the needs of a soaring non-farm population, they traded away the ability to thrive without high grain inputs, natural hardiness and more.

Thanks to a few dedicated people, some of these breeds survived, but many have been lost to the annuals of history. Thankfully small farms, like the Broken H, have rediscovered the benefits of these breeds and found that they do still have a place in this modern world. 

From the Heirloom vegetables and soft fruits offered in season, to the meat and eggs from the Plymouth Rock and the Dominique, to the meat offered by the Guinea Hog, I invite you to taste food that your grandparents once knew. Food that helped build America! 

Contact us with questions or to discuss adding a new face to your herd or to purchase any of our other offerings. 

Registered Guinea Hogs $200 each. Discounts available.

Boer goats start at $250  Discounts available.  





Saturday, June 15, 2024