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Eat Foods your Grandparents knew!

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Looking for healthy, sustainable options for your family? Look no further than Broken H farm!

Featuring for 2024

2024 Boer goat kids are here! Boers will turn rough land into productive pasture. Add some to your operation today.

Guinea hog piglets are here! These hardy pigs are hard to beat!

Located in the hills of Jefferson County, Ohio the 11 acre farmstead is dedicated to improving and promoting independence and respectful animal husbandry.

Heritage breeds of poultry and the registered American Guinea Hog (AGH) as well as Boer goats are raised in a pasture-based setting. Respect for hardiness, sustainability and a life that our grandparents (or greats!) would recognize is focused upon in all aspects of the here.

History is alive and well here, from the pre-1900s farmhouse to the heirloom vegetables grown in the garden to the living histories roaming the pastures and yard, it is honored daily.

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide sprays are avoided, with a focus on more natural choices which provide healthier food for my family and yours.

Independence and self-sufficiency is practiced with a variety of actions. The barn electricity is supplied by solar panels and the water from a rain catchment system. The house is heated with wood responsibly harvested and has its own well creating greater sustainability in each area. A small hay meadow and bartering provides the hay needed for winter feeding. The garden, orchard and pasture provides much of the food eaten here and yearly I work towards increasing self-sufficiency in that category.

Herbal options over pharmaceuticals are chosen, grown and utilized whenever possible, however every animal here receives prompt veterinary care when necessary. That is all part of responsible animal husbandry.

So I encourage you to visit, pet the goats and the miniature horses, maybe even hold a baby pig or pick some blackberries, walk the yard and pasture with me, and see for yourself how rewarding this lifestyle can feel!

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