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Taking a moment to consider

Winter is fast approaching. Typically this is the time to get caught up on all the little things that one never has time to do during the rush of spring planting, summer gardens and fall harvests. It’s time to look at what worked, what didn’t and plan for the coming year. It’s time to reflect.
Why do I live this life? It would certainly be easier and sometimes cheaper, not to do so. My day job is stressful enough with plenty of long hours. It would be much easier to not harvest wood for the stove, sweat in the hay field, stand for hours preserving the garden or freeze in the winter busting ice out of the troughs. It would be easier not to spend 2hrs a day feeding animals, mucking stalls and coops, inspecting the herd and flocks for any sign of distress. Easier on my frayed nerves not to worry over a sick animal and certainly easier on my pocketbook. So why do I do it?
I am the result of generations of small farmers. My father’s family have been married to the land for generations. There is a satisfaction when looking at a barn full of hay that got there because of your effort. The same for a cellar full of home canned goods and potatoes. Nothing can beat wood heat on a cold night or a slice of fresh bread made with wheat you ground yourself and baked in a Dutch oven. The joy of holding a new baby goat or pig, well what can I say?
In short, I am who I am. I can’t imagine a different life, although I do sometimes wish it was easier. I follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and I hope to do their memories proud.
Do you, be you and embody your dream.