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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom, marked Safe from today’s menu
Young pullet

Young pullet

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all are enjoying their day and have plenty of good things to eat.

Once again I was blessed with being able to set my table with a large amount of food produced here on the farmstead. The turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and eggs were all provided by my animals and my own two hands. God has blessed me with the ability and wherewithal to feed my friends that set their feet under the table here at the Broken H.

While all that food was being prepared, a crockpot full of Guinea Hog fat was being rendered into lard. Almost 3 pints of wonderful goodness to be used for cooking and soap making. There is more to be processed but that will wait for another day.

We were blessed with a wonderful sunny day allowing me to get several projects done outside while the oven was doing its thing. I had to replace the automatic chicken door on the coop after just 6mo. That’s what I get going cheap. This one is much sturdier and I’m hoping for better results. The piglets of course had to oversee everything.

Corn got shelled with the old antique corn sheller working like a champ and the grinder turned it into nice ground feed for the pigs. I’ll be picking up another load of corn this weekend again hopefully from a local farmer. I’m still experimenting with the right mix on the chicken feed inorder to keep production up in my quest to move away from soy. I’ll get there, I’m determined!

I have some very nice Dominique pullets that will be laying soon. I’m very excited about how they’ve turned out and am eagerly anticipating watching this flock grow.

Stay safe, stay blessed, stay busy!