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Summer is here

New hatch of Bourbon Reds
Been a while since I last wrote. Summer is here and that means a busy time.
Garden is in and after the initial dry spell it’s finally come alive. Getting zucchini and some spinach. Having a horrible time with lettuce this year tho. Tomatoes are setting on and I’m looking forward to fresh tomato sandwiches.
Lots of young chickens running around. The hatch rate has been around 90% which is over course excellent. Lots of replacing pullets with young roosters filling the freezer and canner later this fall.
Mommy turkey has successfully hatched 8 poults and 2 more in progress as I write.
Yesterday I got into the bee hive and wow! There’s a lot of bees in there. They seem to be doing fine. And there’s quite a bit of honey. Hoping I can harvest some of it end of the month. One more step in divorcing the grocery store!
Currently I’m working on getting a robust herbal garden started. I have quite a few kitchen herbs but looking to expanding more into the some medicinal herbs too.
July 4th is upon us and this is a time to remember how and why this country was founded. The United States today is very different from what our founders envisioned that’s for sure. We can still follow in their footsteps tho through self sufficiency and keeping the government out of our lives as much as possible.
Stay safe and stay busy my friends.