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Babies are here!

Finally! The 2023 kids are here. This week has been a long one with lots of midnight trips to the barn and goat shed checking on expecting mothers, new mothers and new babies. Throw in some very unseasonably cold weather and well…. Stress.

I’m very happy to say tho that 5 of my girls kidded with relative ease. I walked out to find most of the does already cleaning their babies and only assisted in one birth. I’m praying the last 2 girls kid as easily.

I always do my best to take time off when my girls are due so that I’m here to assist and to imprint on the new kids at birth. It makes them much more friendly and easier to work as they grow older.

In addition to midwifing goats this week I filled the incubator with chicken and turkey eggs. Time to start thinking of replacement pullets and meat in the freezer. The hens are giving me a lot of eggs now, so that is a blessing after nearly 2mos with No eggs. I also reorganized the barn and mapped out some changes to my stalls for later this spring.

We have some uncertain times ahead with the bank issues and Russia/Ukraine. All we can do is prepare for the worse while living our lives and tending the herds/flocks. Trust in the Lord and in your own 2 hands to provide. Be safe, be strong, be self-sufficient.