Broken H Farm

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What a busy year!

Been a while since last I wrote. It’s been a busy year. Time is flying past. The garden is wrapping up even though there are still a ton of tomatoes, the first frost is only weeks away per the standard, so the clock is ticking on getting them ripened.

As every good homesteader knows, you always put up as much as you can each year. There are no guarantees on getting a garden in next year or if said garden will even produce. So to that end there’s plenty of tomatoes and beans canned up with carrots getting ready to join them when they are ready. The heirloom dent corn will be ready to harvest soon to provide good fresh cornmeal. I grew black beans for the first time this year as well as harvesting dragon tongue beans as a dry bean.

I’ve started getting the winter wood supply in place and I had the chimney cleaned and inspected, so slowly getting ready for the first fire of the season. Hopefully the new windows will help keep the old house warmer this year.

Oliver is calling to his girls and they are wagging those tails. I’m holding off another 3-4weeks before turning him in with them as I want the goat babies born late March. The days of me freezing and trying to keep new babies from freezing in January are over.

The Guinea hogs are fat and happy. They look great going into winter and the winter lot is full of plenty of grass. They should have good grazing well into winter even when the grass dies down. I’m planning on having babies about the same time as the goats, so waiting to put Lazarus in with his sows until around Christmas time.

Winter will soon be upon us but we still have time to get ready and get a few more projects completed. So stay busy, stay effective and stay safe!