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Busy times and Hard decisions

It’s planting season here in zone 6 and that means it’s Busy season!
Last weekend was a non-stop work-fest. Moved pigs, built a new shelter, moved fence, tilled up corn, potato patches and a pasture lot, then hand seeded it and planted the potatoes too. Replaced the fence (complete with resetting posts) which was moved in order to get the tractor in there, planted a peach tree, strawberries and comfrey. Also shoveled a literal ton of garden soil into the new raised beds. Add in house work, laundry and getting the pig to the processor, by Tuesday I could barely lift my right arm. Lol.
I’m increasing my planting this year, I hope you are as well, as I don’t like what I’m seeing in the world situation. Grain, fertilizer and fuel prices are increasing with no signs of reversing. I drove 2.5hour round trip last week to purchase oats for $7/ bushel. That’s a crazy price, but I was happy to get them.
Unfortunately hard decisions have to be made and I know I’m not the only one doing it. I’ve had call ducks for years, love the little buggers, but can’t justify the continued feed outlay. So they are on the market. I’ll be scaling back the pigs too. Yes, they will be going on pasture in the next few weeks but some grain still has to be fed for optimal performance and looking towards next winter…. The cost will be too high. The chicken flock too is being evaluated to assure only producers are being kept. The hens are churning out around 18 eggs per day so they are paying their keep. Plus I have 35 Dominique eggs in the incubator with half due end of next week.
Peas, spinach, lettuce and onions are up and growing. Soon fresh salads will be on the menu again! Past 2 days I’ve enjoyed sour dough pancakes, fresh eggs and local maple syrup. Yum! Spring is busy, but hard work brings it’s rewards.

Stay busy, stay focused, stay safe!