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What a lovely Fall!

It's been a lovely fall so far. Just enough cool nights to appreciate a nice fire in the wood stove and enough sunny days to get a few more projects complete. The chill is in the air tho and we've had our first snow fall, so winter is right around the corner. 
Speaking of projects, there's always one in the works, is there not? Here I have 3 either started or ready to start. Project 1 is a new winter pig shelter. I have the frame built and most of the roofing on, hopefully I'll have time to finish the roof, get the siding on and move it into the winter lot this weekend. Project 2 is the processing of young roosters tomorrow. I'll be trying out the new chicken plucker so keep your fingers crossed it works as well as reported. Project 3 is getting the raised beds filled with leaves and fresh compost. Project 4 is rocking and landscaping around the fence and rose bushes, Project 5 is ..... wait that's a lot more than 3!  I better stop right there, well at least for now.....
Long winter nights give plenty of time for indoor work and for those who know me well, know my mind seldom stops churning. Currently I'm thinking on new income streams for the farm. This year I tried my hand at making lip balms and beeswax wraps. Both have turned out promising so I'm going to start offering those along with my lotion bars for sale. All 3 offer simpler, sustainable options free of chemicals and synthetic additives. With the increased health risks we each face in today's world, isn't that a better solution? 
I plan on soaking up as much sun as I possibly can this weekend. Play with the dogs in the yard and spend at least a little time wandering the pasture with the goats. I encourage each of you to do something for you too. Get outside, take a deep breath and remember to be thankful for the little things that surround you daily. 
Be happy, Be thankful, Be safe.