Broken H Farm

Eat Foods your Grandparents knew!

Stay busy my friends!

Spring time equals work. Gardens must be tilled, planted and tended to yield and it all begins now.
I’m focusing even more on being self sufficient with the high feed, supply chain issues and general uncertainty. So yesterday I planted a 50x50 area to heirloom bloody butcher corn. I’ll add pumpkins as the corn comes up and turnips and daikon radish in July. This will provide feed for the livestock and hopefully a little for me too.
I also have a 96x80’ area planted with seed obtained as part of the Milpa Garden project. 1/2 of this will be donated to a local food bank. I encourage you to look up that worthwhile project.
The bee hive is up and awaiting bees, the blackberries and raspberries are loaded with blooms and I’m looking into participating in the local farmers market this summer.
I encourage you to buy local, support small farmers and reduce your dependence on the supply chain as much as you can.
Stay busy my friends!