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Feeding yourself - Cheese!

Curd draining and ready to be formed
A few years back after the fiasco at one of the dairy farms highlighting the abuse of calves I decided to reduce, if not completely remove my use of commercial dairy products. I believe Strongly in the ethical treatment of our animal companions and seeing how they are treated by Big Ag sickened me.
I love cheese. A childhood friend joked that cheese was a side dish at my home growing up and it hasn't changed 30yrs later. So to reduce my dependence on commercial dairy, I had to figure out how to make cheese. So I did.
I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t resemble the store bought commodity I grew up with, but that’s ok. It’s better! Better nutritionally for me and better because I’m no longer supporting abuse.
I make cheddar, Colby, “velvetta”, mozzarella, ricotta and the most made, Farmers cheese. Farmers cheese is simple, is ready to eat in 2-3 hours and can be flavored with your favorite herbs. The only thing you need is a food thermometer, either lemon juice or vinegar and salt. (I use sea salt) there are a lot of recipes out there you can follow. I use the one found here:
I love setting out a cheese plate with a variety of my own cheeses, pickles and crackers. (Now to get a good cracker recipe conquered!)
I have a small dorm size fridge in my cellar in which I age my cheeses. I always have a wheel to pull out for an occasion or a quick snack. You haven’t had pizza until you make your own from the crust, to the sauce, to the cheese and even with your own fresh grown herbs Yum!
Find your piece of mind, your self-sufficient self. Start today! You won’t regret it.