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Basic Composting with Chickens Update

Garden area

Garden area

Last year I wrote about creating a compost bed in my chicken yard. I dumped manure from the horses and chicken coop mixed with sawdust, leaves, cardboard, grass clippings, etc all summer and fall. I would toss a handful of grain in the bed a couple times a week to encourage the chickens to scratch around.

3 days ago I started to empty the bed and transport it to the garden’s raised beds. The chickens had done their job beautifully and the compost is nearly completely broken down. It will be ready to plant into by May.

In an area roughly 8’x8’ I gleaned 9-10 dump carts full of compost for my beds, with next to no effort on my part. The hardest thing I did was dump the stall cleanings in and shovel out the results. Simple, easy and effective.

If you have chickens and need compost for your garden, put them to work for you!

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