Broken H Farm

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Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful, sunny Sunday today! A little chilly but nothing a light jacket can’t handle.
Spring is slowly showing it’s face and I’m planning on getting the tomatoes in the raised beds this week. Peas, lettuce and spinach are up. We can hardly wait for fresh food again.
Today was a busy one. Started off the day with canning 5# of hamburger in patties with mushrooms added. Then added a dehydrator load of sliced mushrooms I got from ALDIs and made some sour dough bread.
Outside work consisted of getting the panels for the final raised bed built and stained, more cardboard and repurposed landscape timbers around the raspberries and the raised beds turned over. Lots of fishing worms in the beds breaking down the soil.
Lots of baby chicks and turkeys hatched Thursday to Saturday! 7 bourbon red turkeys and 14 Dominiques. Probably the best ratio I’ve ever had with the chicks as 15 eggs went into lock down. The turkeys are still a learning process. The hens hatched out 6 with 5 surviving but showed little interest once the poults actually hatched. So in the brooder they went! The incubator is refilled with another 19 eggs. I’m operating 2 incubators currently and another batch of 16 is due to hatch next Friday.
Goals for the week are getting the last bed set up and the berry vines all mulched. I’ve been hoping for a load of free wood chips but it appears that isn’t going to happen, so I’ll have to buy a couple scoops of wood mulch.
Corn prices jumped here again this week to almost $10 a bag! Ouch. I’m looking for a grain mill to grind my own feed. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase corn directly from one of the local farmers this fall. Of course that is if anything gets planted. Right now none of the fields in the immediate area have been worked yet at all.
Stay busy, stay safe, stay focused!