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Spring has Sprung!

Dandelion Jelly
Spring is officially here! No, I’m not basing that statement on any calendar. Horse people know only 1 unmistakeable sign that spring is upon us. When horses start blowing those coats. There’s hair everywhere! No matter how much you brush, more appears.
Last week was beautiful and it started every thing growing. The grass is coming on in the pasture, the apple trees have finally leafed out and they and the pear trees are blooming.
In the garden peas are up and it’s time to get the corn and potato patches plowed. My back is already tight and aching as I work out the winter laziness and get back into gardening shape.
Another thing that popped this last week were the dandelions. This beautiful “weed” is an amazing food and medicinal plant and is one of the first available in the spring. The lowly dandelion is high in vitamins A, C and K and also has vitamin E and several B vitamins within its cells. One cup of leaves equals 100% of your needed daily vitamin A! It also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium along with several powerful antioxidants.
So don’t discount this beauty! This weekend I enjoyed it in dandelion jelly made with the flowers and used the leaves to make a tasty dish called dandelion gravy. I’ll be harvesting some roots soon to take advantage of their many health benefits too. Dandelion flowers are one of the first good sources for hungry honey bees after a long winter.
A new Boer buck joined the Farm this weekend as well. He’s only 9weeks old but will be entering into our breeding program this fall. The future is looking good for the Broken H as we navigate the uncertain times and prepare for future success.
Stay busy. Harvest the joys of Spring. Prepare for the future my friends.