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Surviving the Storm

2023 is off to an interesting start.

I had the highest hopes for this year on January 1. This year was going to be The Year. The year when it all fell into place. When this farmstead was gonna see all the hard work of the past years come to fruition. Less than 2 weeks in and well, I’m having to rethink a lot of things.

Farming/Homesteading is like that tho isn’t it? Our entire day, season or year can derail in a blink of an eye. So much is dependent on weather, our health, the markets. Some we can control, but a whole lot that we can’t.

Did I say Control? Lol. Sometimes that is an illusion in and of itself. What is the old saying? “Man makes plans and God laughs”. I like to make lists, to plan. I have a 5yr plan. This week I’m realizing that God may very well be laughing and He has other plans for me. I’ve been struggling with that knowledge. That fear. Struggling with the unknown. I don’t like unknown. I like well defined situations. I like to know and see my enemy, I like to recognize the coming storm and prepare, but sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you have to await tests and results, that never seem to come. Sometimes you simply need to survive the storm that’s rolling in on you. Sometimes you hit pause on the plans and just do what needs done to get through it all.

So that’s the vow I made to myself in the mirror last night. I’m going to prepare myself, my animals and my farmstead for the uncertain future but I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not going to fear the news that I may get. I’ll face it if that time comes, but it won’t define me. My ancestors were never cowered by fear, nor will I allow it. I will Survive the Storm and Conquer it.