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What is Enough?

The year is almost over! How does time fly by so quickly? Do you ever ask yourself that? I certainly do. 
I was listening to a podcast today and the question was posed "do you have enough?" That got me thinking as I'm inclined to do on a Sunday, What is Enough? I think we would all answer that question very differently. I know the me of 10yrs ago thought "enough" is very different than the definition I would give today.
Society basically teaches us that we never have enough. Consumerism is based on that premise. You NEED the new clothes, the bigger house, the new car, a storage building for all the stuff. Along with that many of us feel We Are never Enough. We need to be a better wife, spouse, daughter, employee. We Need a bigger bank account, a bigger raise. We keep bashing ourselves against the cliff seeking More, More. So when do we say "Enough!" and be satisfied?
Don't look at me for the answer. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I do know that I gave up competing with the Joneses. I still battle the "I need that" mentality at times, but mine is more along the lines of the chicken plucker and stick blender I bought than the new car or designer clothes. I'm debt free and determined to stay that way, so I guess my "Enough!" moment came when I made that last debt payment. So I'm there in part of my life yet I'm still not there when it comes to the farm. Am I doing Enough here? Can I grow the business more, can I squeeze in another project? What am I willing to trade off to get More in another bucket?

And that's the real question isn't it? What are we willing to trade off? All of life is a trade off you know. There's only so many hours in a day, only so many years in a life. How do we spend them to get Enough and when do we know we have (or are) Enough? I think it's a question we each need to spend some time considering.
Until next time. Stay busy, stay safe, stay focused.