Broken H Farm

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Beautiful, busy weekend

We had a beautiful 1st weekend in March here, which has certainly come in like a lamb.

Saturday started bright and early before 7am. Soon as the barn chores were finished, attention turned to getting the sow, Gaia moved to another pen as she is showing signs that her babies will be coming a little sooner than anticipated. So, 5 t-posts were set and the 3 hog panels put back in place to enclose the lot that had been opened up last fall. It only took a little coaxing for her to walk through the gate, leaving the other pigs and go the short distance into her new enclosure. Now she is all set for her maternity stay.

I checked the other rotational lots and the wheat, oats and clover planted in them last fall is starting to green up. By mid-May they should be ready to go back into rotation for the pigs.

The mommas and baby goats were turned out of the stalls and into the barn lot mid-morning. The kids spent the day playing and running full tilt in the sunshine and mild temperatures. I've been blessed that I have 8 heathy goat kids on the ground.

The big project on Saturday was widening the tires on the tractor. My Dad and nephew made the trip to do it. It took about 2 hours to switch all 4 tires around and it made the tractor stance about 9" wider. This should provide more stability on uneven ground. We certainly have plenty of that here!

Ended Saturday with a trip to the small brewery to pick up a barrel of spent brewery grains. This will keep the pigs fed for about 10 days or so. With the ever-increasing prices on corn and oats, this resource is invaluable. Last fall I gathered 3 truckloads of pumpkins and a truck load of apples from 2 different individuals that just wanted them cleaned up. Each was a welcome additional food source for the critters here.

Today was a quiet day with the goat kids again enjoying the afternoon sun after a rainy start. I have a stewing hen slowing boiling on the stove which will be turned into chicken and noodles, chicken and dumplings and a little chicken salad for the week's meals. Of course, plenty of delicious broth for other meals too! Bread made with fresh ground wheat is rising and will soon be ready for the oven.

We have another week ahead! Make the best of it in all you do and keep moving forward, one step at a time.